At The Hattery we have decades of experience in the fitting of felt hats. Our range is hand picked by our small team of experts with no compromise on quality regardless of it's fabric or material. Felt hats have been made for hundreds of years using many different materials and by many different cultures. Below is our guide to the felt quality sold by us so that you can make an informed decision from afar!


Akubra Hats have a reputation as being one of the finest rabbit fur felters in the world. Many are under the impression that the hats are some how stamped out of a roll of felt by a machine or machines. Nothing could be further from the truth.


All AKUBRA hats are felted and assembled in Northern New South Wales in the town of Kempsey. There the art of felting & hat making has been refined for many decades. Using Rabbit Fur Felt, an inherently strong and water resistant fibre, AKUBRA create rugged felt hats that stand the test of time. Many local customers wear their wide-brim AKUBRA hats for outdoor work throughout all four seasons. As well providing great sun protection, the quality of the stiffened rabbit fur felt provides excellent protection from the rain as the water beads straight off the top of the hat!

AKUBRA's original urban roots are reflected in their refined traditional ribbon styles. Customers from all over the world love the balance of a comfortable felt that retains its shape for many years.

The open crown styles by AKUBRA are specially formulated to hold their shape for many years due to a well balanced formula within their internal felting process. Customers from around the world often praise AKUBRA felt for it's ease in shaping to a desired look.




Wool felt hats are known for there instant comfort, a softer internal felt that is often less structured than a fur felt hat. At the Hattery we only source wool felt hats that are considered "western weight". This grade of wool felt is the best to preserve the shape of the hat for the longest possible time. Wool felt is typically not a very tight fibre and is not suitable for lengthy periods in the rain. Wool felt can also not be stiffened to the degree of fur felt and as such will often not be provided in as wide a brim.

The range of Wool Felt hats available on our website are what we have hand selected and what we consider the best, long-lasting grades of wool felt.