We're excited to introduce our new hand shaping service for the Federation IV. Starting with our most requested shape, the 1930s Bash!

The Shaping Service can be paired with any combination of felt quality & color. Simply add the shaping service to your cart along side any Federation IV or Federation IV Deluxe of your choice.


Many years ago we were contacted by both Indiana Jones fans and hat collectors who wanted a genuine pre World War 2 fedora. Hats from this era were generally taller and had fuller crowns than the hats of today. Most were sold as "Open Crown" hats with the pre creased styles becoming more popular after WW2.  

The Hattery and Akubra Hats, together set about creating a new hat, selecting an older set of hat blocks we believe date back to the 1920's. Advice from Mark Cross ( and Steve Delk (Adventurebilt) the hat maker for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, have assisted with the final result. The blocks used for this hat are original wooden blocks made by Akubra Hats. They have no pre determined shape. At no stage do we make any claim that this hat is a replica of the Indiana Jones hat as used in the movies. This hat has been made on a set of older hat blocks, and has been left in an "open crown" state allowing customers to shape according to their desire.

When we introduced the first model we needed a name. The year was 1998 - the Centenary of Federation in Australia, with many historical pictures published showing people in hats such as the one we created. Hence the name The Federation. Hatsdirect has been at the forefront of offering "Open Crown" style hats into the collectors market. The hat has been through 3 transitions since its introduction, introducing a contrasting ribbon, a dimensional cut brim, a better quality version. We have now introduced a new set of specifications and refinements based on feedback and customer requests and have logically arrived at The Federation IV.


The Federation IV has been hand picked by various stage and movie production studios around the world. Its authentic, classic open crown shape provides a perfect platform for a wide variety of characters in any setting.

One recent customer is a special one indeed. British actor Bill Nighy starred in the local production of the family film "Buckley's Chance". Bill chose the hat for the character himself, shaping the hat with the help of the production team.

Enduring the hot & dry conditions of Broken Hill, the Federation IV handled the red dirt superbly. Bill loved the hat so much he took one home with him and one of the hats used in the production is signed by Bill, on show in our Katoomba store!

Bill wears the Federation IV Deluxe in Heritage Fawn, we think he looks fantastic. Watch Bill Nighy strut his stuff in the trailer below!


No. We do not make any claim as such and leave that judgement to others. We understand there are a number of minor differences including the felt used, the shade, the ribbon quality and other refinements. As many of our hats are sold to Indiana Jones fans we are of course sensitive to requests they make regarding the specifications of the hat. The hat is made for Hatsdirect (The Hattery) by Akubra Hats to our specifications and is not available through other outlets. This is the case for other exclusive styles we offer. 

In store we provide a tailored shaping service upon the requests of our customers. Online you can add the Federation Shaping Service to your order for a hand shaping service.

There can be a little variation from batch to batch but the variation is very marginal. Colors pictured on various forums often have little to do with reality and the variations seen are more to do with cameras and the photographer. We simply do not ship substandard hats. 

The Federation is blocked with virtually no taper. The Federation IV is slightly smaller than the previous model, if anything making the fit better. We have specific size instructions here. Customers who follow our instructions rarely have problems. We check all hats prior to shipping. No hat is sent out via mail order unless it is measuring true. Hats which are not measuring true do happen, we sell these in our shop where we can match a hat to a head size more accurately. We often can assist a customer with a more precise fitting if requested, or adjust a hat a little if required. If you are not sure ask us, we are available to help and do not mind taking time to get an order right.

Please note: The Hattery and this fedora hat are not affiliated or associated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or the Indiana Jones films and this product is not authorized by Lucasfilm Ltd.